Right from the start, the Zauberman winery was enveloped with a bit of secrecy. Our hard-to-reach wines are found in only a few wine stores and sell a small number of fine dining restaurants in Israel. There are few visitors to our winery, and those who visit us have remained lovingly captivated by the quality of our wine and the winery.

The winery has three partners – Itzik Zauberman who founded the winery over 20 years ago, Raz Dahan, architect and “wine lover”, and Sharon Nahum who recently joined us. Their travels in Israel and around the world have always been combined with wine; and, for a while, they toyed with the idea becoming wine producers. On one of his trips in France, Itzik went through a profound experiential experience following a tasting of the legendary Chateau Petrus wine. He set a personal goal to make such a wine that will stand respectfully alongside “Petrus”. Itzik and his friends started planting vines of varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, each in his yard. Itzik purchased the best wine processing equipment and made excellent success in producing small quantities for himself and his friends. After the proverbial and literal baptism of fire he came to a decision, “produce the best wine there is!”

Those who follow the wine production process notice that with wine making there is no compromise. One must invest everything and within all the necessary means go without regard to financial costs. Production is only carried out in small quantities, up to about 5000 bottles per year. Itzik Zauberman believes that wine is “a partner in the process”, so the handling of the wine is done when the feeling, mood and energy flow from the grapes are positive and most beneficial to the wine making process.

State-of-the-art equipment that ensures maximum control over the wine fermentation and aging process is the key to success for Zauberman Wine.

The winery is managed with the primary aim of producing the highest quality and unique wine; with the economic consideration /commercial investment being placed second. The winery’s production work is conducted by Itzik and only his friends.

About the vineyard

Itzik Zauberman, Raz and Sharon make the grapes with their family members and friends in the Heiman vineyards. The vineyard is located near the community settlement of Carmi Yosef, on the border of the Inner Lowlands and the Judean Mountains. The vineyard is 220 meters above sea level on a steep western slope with natural drainage. The slope is exposed to the wind blowing from the sea which comfortably chills the grapes on summer nights. The vineyard is planted in chalky soil that gives grapes (and wine) a unique taste. At the entrance to the vineyard you can feel the unique atmosphere that surrounds and surrounds the place. The vintage, manual, selective produce is packed in small boxes that ensure the integrity of the grapes.

Regarding the method of production

The production process is based on an ancient method developed in Italy and known as “Amrone”.

According to this method, after harvesting the grapes, they undergo a drying process in a straw basket; exposing them to the open air. The purpose of drying is to concentrate and intensifying the flavors and aromas present in the grape by reducing the amount of liquid while increasing the percentage of solid matter.

The Israeli fruit

According to this unique method developed at the winery, the grapes undergo a slow and controlled process of drying at very low temperatures and minimum humidity percentages, through a dedicated cooling facility.

The raw material obtained from the drying process contains a concentration of extremely powerful flavors and aromas plus a high amount of sugars.

The wine which is produced in the winery is unfiltered. The fruity aromas are kept throughout the production and during the bottle aging process. The end result is a truly unique wine, full-bodied and powerfully fruity wine. In addition, it has a high percentage of alcohol (17.5% -15.5%) which can sometimes contain refined sweet tasting remnants.

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