Cabernet Limited Edition 2011


Cabernet Limited Edition 2011


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Cabernet Limited Edition 2011

Cabernet Limited Edition 2011 was created from Cabernet Sauvignon originally from Karmei Yosef, and went through a unique process like its siblings from previous years. The process is based on the wine production methods of the heavy weight Amarone wines that brought it to a 16.3 alcohol percentage. In order to create one bottle it takes 3 KG of grapes, 3 times more than a normal quality bottle of wine. The wine is thick and colored dark red, powerful, with emphasized flavors that also preserve the taste of the fruit. The wine is aged by a combination of new French and Italian oak wooden barrels for 37 months, and is designated for long length preserving in a bottle. This series of production includes 895 bottles.

Year of harvest: 2011

Type of grape: 100% Cabernet

Aging barrel: 37 months without filtering

Type of barrel: A combination of new barrels TARANSAUD GAMBA type.

Alcohol %: 16.3%

Bottles produced: 895 Bottles

Aging and consumption: Suitable for consuming now or for further aging.

Winemaker thoughts:

4.17 – Cabernet Limited Edition 2011 is similar to its siblings from previous years but also unique with its flavor that is influenced due to extra long aging in wooden barrels. The high percentage of alcohol and its emphasized tastes allow it to be aged for longer. It is recommended to move it to a decanter at least an hour before consuming. The wine ages in the bottle for around 2 years and is suitable for consumption immediately, or can be aged for a few more years.


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