Merlot 2011 Equanimity


Merlot 2011 Equanimity


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Merlot 2011 Equanimity

Merlot 2011 Equanimity is a powerful unfiltered wine, with a wide range of tastes and contains a high 15.5% alcohol. The wine was created from Merlot grapes, and contains about 10% of Cabernet 2011 Limited Edition. The wine was aged in French new wooden barrels for 30 months. It was then aged for a further 2 years in bottles at the winery before being marketed, and is meant for further aging in a bottle. It is recommended to move it to a decanter an hour before consuming. Because of the special experience the wine has created for us, we created a series named Equanimity, in Japanese “Shizuka”, terms that are borrowed from the meditation world that we are very connected with.

Year of harvest: 2011

Type of grape: 90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet 2011 Limited edition

Aging barrel: 30 months without filtering

Type of barrel: French, new barrels TARANSAUD type.

Alcohol %: 15.5%

Bottles produced: 1666 Bottles

Aging and consumption: Suitable for consuming now or for further aging.

On sale: The wine is currently on sale.

Winemaker thoughts:

4.2017 – The special Merlot 2011 Equanimity is a wine that has a powerful scent due to the high percentage of alcohol in it. I love this wine, and when I drink it I get a deep experience which is beyond wine tasting. You can feel presence of the Cabernet, but at the same time the softness of the Merlot. The wine has aged in bottles for 3 years and is suitable for consumption. It is recommended to move it to a decanter an hour before drinking it. It can also be further aged for a few more years.


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